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**3/29/23 - NOW Updated to the latest Retrobat V5.1.1 (from previous version v.5.1.0). ALSO, Gamecube library was swapped out from .iso files to superior .rvz files which freed upover 100 GB, so I used this space to primarily add Wii-U, some XBox, Megadrive-MSU, more Gamecube,and many other small improvements and added many obscure systems that use MESS. Updated all themes and added new ones. Note: Game counts here have been updated**

This is what you all have been waiting for!!! My VERY BEST retro gaming plug-n-play drive (uses your Windows PC or laptop and your controllers).

For Sale: One (1) loaded custom-built 5 TB WD-Black P10 External Hard drive for your Windows PC or Laptop - uses Retrobat as the front end, so is plug-n-play just by clicking on the start icon to launch. I took the “Retrobat" software for PC which works great, and built this drive myself from the ground up, which took me several months. I added my superior game libraries with my new and improved full menu art, added and fixed many awesome themes, setup custom collections, added amazing menu background music, optimized...I turned it in to the very best retro gaming hard drive for a Windows PC/Laptop. Includes older classics but also PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation 2 (PS2), Gamecube, TeknoParrot Arcade, Sega Model 3 & Model 2, 3DS, Saturn, Sega Naomi, Sammy Atomiswave, PSP, Arcade, Dreamcast, SNES-MSU1, among many others as listed in detail below. NOTE: The files are easily accessible directly in Windows on a PC for super easy game file transfers/mods/copying/pasting (nice benefit of Retrobat). Retrobat is great because you can launch it right from within Windows.... no need to mess with your pc bios and launch on boot like Batocera.

29 awesome themes pre-installed. Also I fixed many features of the themes to have proper artwork, etc. so they all display properly. The themes included are: RVGM-BT-Theme-master (default), Alekfull-ARTFLIX, Alekfull-NX, ARTFLIX-Cobalto, CRTCabBlast-Rogue, CRTCabBlast-Tifa, DynamicBox, EpicMax-Cody, Animatics-DX, ArcadePlanet, Carbon, ComicScrap, Forever, HEXA-master, HUDGEM-master, Minimal, Next-Level-Remix, Platform, PlayStation-X, RCBX, FakeXMB, Metroid-Spin, ArcadeParadise, ComicPop, CosmicRiseRB, HeyChromeyRB, SuperSweetRB, UniflyeredRB & SuperSweet-classic.

Approximately 23,000+ games including their game artwork and gamelists in the roms directory are installed. Typically, all rom folders are setup with a gamelist.xml file as well as mixart, snap (video previews) & wheel (marquee) art folders (compatible menu art setup with many other devices such as anbernic handhelds). Cheats have been pre-installed available through the retroarch menu for many popular systems. This build is all about quality, not overall game count.

Below is a detailed listing of what is included with this purchase:

One (1) 5 TB Western Digital (WD-Black P10) external hard drive as pictured in main photo in center, with USB cable, loaded and ready to game (for your PC). Hard Drive is in the NTFS format so will not work on Mac's - works on Windows PC's/Laptops only. Also, newer system games like PS3, PS2, Wii-U,Gamecube & XBox require your PC is a gaming PC or laptop with sufficient power / dedicated graphics card, but the drive will work on most PC's and there is plenty of older systems that will work fine on a basic PC (See RetroBat's minimum system requirements listed in Disclaimer at bottom). For PC compatibility with PS3, refer to the PS3 emulator (RPCS3) website. You just need to use your own PC or laptop and your own controllers. I recommend X-input controllers such as the new XBox Controllers. Mapping your controllers in Retrobat is really easy - just like EmulationStation or Batocera style mapping in frontend on device (keyboard works by default to navigate to map your controllers). System is already setup to use modern XBox controllers (what I use).

Games have video previews in menu along with game mixart and marquee art and game information typical. I spent countless hours updating all my systems with new metadata/art. Some of the newer systems (like PS3 games) simply are not currently scrapable, so I manually created my own video previews and game information in the gamelist.xml so it will display in menus.... I did this for hundreds of games!!! Has awesome menu background themes loaded which can be easily switched up. Games can be identified as "Favorites" simply. Most games have their game-specific bezels (side-art) that display to fill a 16x9 screen, as games are set to play in their native format typical, i.e. 4:3 ratio for many... this eliminates the ugly stretching of games, yet fills the screen beautifully. Awesome "Custom Collections" are already setup and can be modified. The Arcade Favorites collections have hundreds of the best arcade games (from the thousand+ on system). Superior Arcade and Mame set, all with boxart and preview videos. I used FB Neo as the primary arcade emulator for the Arcade system and for titles specific only to mame, I used RetroArch-Mame2003-plus for the mame system emulator typical (wide compatibility).... However, I also installed standalone mame 0.247 and included games in the mame system to use this emulator (some examples - CarnEvil, Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World, Gauntlet Legends, Golden Axe - The Duel, Golden Tee Fore! 2006, Judge Dredd's, Killer Instinct 1 & 2, NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz '99, NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Ed, Radiant Silvergun, S.F. Rush, Soul Caliber, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, etc.) where Mame2003plus is not adequate. By default I set most of these MAME 0.247 titles to launch usinglibretro MAME2016for familiar/easier controls in RetroArch, but you can also set to use standalone MAME) Don't forget there is also Sega Model 3 & 2, and TeknoParrot for the newer arcade hits like Star Wars Trilogy & Star Wars Battle Pod (included).


The Retrobat/EmulationStation software and game roms/iso’s are FREE to download (readily available on the internet) and are included at no charge to you. Software is open-source. You are paying for the parts & time to assemble and program/code the software. All hard drivesare thoroughly tested before shipping.

Individual game performance will vary depending on the capabilities of YOUR Windows PC/Laptop that you use to run the system. PS2 and newer requires dedicated graphics card found in "gaming" laptops or PC's. Also, this does not work on a MAC since the drive is NTFS format. Finally, the TeknoParrot emulator is setup to run plug-n-play as long as you map the hard drive as your "R" drive (R for Retrobat or RetroGaming). This is easy process in Windows to assign Drive Letter to the drive. Enjoy!

RetroBat Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 8.1 64 Bits, Windows 10 64 Bits, orWindows 11 64 Bits

CPU with SSE2 support. 3 GHz and Dual Core, not older than 2008 is highly recommended.

(Video) Retro Gaming External Hard Drive With 100,000 Games Built In

- If you want to use emulators such as Dolphin (for GameCube), PCSX2 (for PS2), RPCS3 (for PS3) etc.. you need modern graphics card that supports Direct3D 11.1 / OpenGL 4.4 / Vulkan.

$399.00 Regular Price

$349.00Sale Price

  • I left about 12GB free space on the hard drivefor smooth operation. Note: What manufacturer calls this "5 TB" hard drive is actually only about 4.54 TB actual space (i.e. 4,540 GB)... so this driveis loaded with about 4.53 TB (or 4,525GB) of data.

    This hard drivehas the following systems on it, and I list the approximate game count below:

    System - approx. # Games Installed:

    ALL - ~23,000+ games


    Arcade (FBneo) - 1830

    Atomiswave – 28

    Daphne (LaserDisc)- 15

    MAME (Arcade) – 345

    NeoGeo - Note incl. in Arcade, also NeoGeo AES listed below in consoles.

    Sega Model 2 - 31

    Sega Model 3 - 16

    Naomi - 126

    TeknoParrot - 108

    TriForce - 1 (MarioKart Arcade GP 2)


    3DO - 65

    Adventure Vision - 4

    Amiga CD-32 - 119

    Arcadia-2001 - 48

    Astrocade (Bally) - 42

    Atari 2600 - 617

    Atari 5200 - 96

    Atari 7800 - 58

    Channel-F - 30

    Colecovision - 141

    Dreamcast (Sega) - 279!!!

    Famicom Disk System (FDS) - 128

    In submenu: Famicom - 386

    GameCube (Nintendo) - 374!!!

    GX4000 (Amstrad) - 26

    Intellivision - 136

    Jaguar (Atari) - 56

    Master System (Sega) - 277

    (Video) Hyper Base Mix 5TB Emulation Hard Drive - Over 60,000 Games!

    Sega Genesis - 1,040 (784 + 137 + 34 + 44 + 41)

    In submenu: Genesis - Sonic Hacks - 137

    In submenu: Genesis Streets of Rage Hacks - 34

    In submenu: Genesis -Misc. Hacks - 44

    In submenu: Sega MegaDrive (Japan) - 191

    In submenu: English MegadriveTranslations - 41

    Megadrive-MSU (MSU-MD) - 51

    Nintendo 64 (N64) - 322 (302 + 20)

    In submenu: N64 Hacks (20)

    Neo Geo - 140

    Neo Geo CD - 1 (Crossed Swords II) - others not incl since NeoGeo Console versions (included) are superior.

    Nintendo (NES) – 1,481 (784 + 697)

    In submenu: NES Hacks- 697

    Odyssey2 - 85

    PC Engine /TurboGrafx16 - 290 = 94 = 384

    PC Engine-CD / TG16-CD - 163!!!

    PC-FX - 8

    PS2 (Sony PlayStation 2) - 993!!!

    PS3(Sony PlayStation 3) - 254!!!

    PS1(Sony PlayStation) - 554!!!

    PV-1000 (Casio) - 13

    Satellaview - 39

    Sega Saturn - 108!!!

    Super Cassette Vision - 29

    Sega Genesis 32x - 34

    Sega CD - 137!!!

    SG-1000 (Sega) - 68

    Super Nintendo (SNES) – 795

    In submenu: SNES Hacks - 64

    In submenu: Super Famicom (SFC) - 509

    In submenu: SFC English Translations - 145

    SNES-MSU1(SNES-CD) - 167 !!!

    Sufami Turbo - 15

    SuperGrafx - 5

    Vectrex – 24

    Virtual Boy - 25

    V.Smile - 12

    Wii - 3

    Wii-U - 59 !!!

    X-Box - 8

    Future Pinball - ~329

    OpenBOR - 128

    Ports - 9

    EasyRPG - 9

    ScummVM - 85!!!

    Solarus - 8


    3DS (Nintendo) - 40

    Gamate - 58

    Game.Com - 19

    Game Gear (Sega) - 259

    Game Pocket Computer - 5

    Gameboy - 834

    Gameboy Color – 572 (533 +39)

    In submenu: GBC PokemonHacks - 39

    Gameboy Advance – 1,081 (1,028+ 53)

    (Video) I Got A Hyperspin 4TB Hard Drive Off Of Aliexpress With 40,000+ Games! What To Expect!

    In submenu: GBA Hacks - 53

    Game Master - 18

    Nintendo Game & Watch - 52

    LCD-Games (Tiger Handhelds) - 27

    Lynx (Atari) - 83

    MegaDuck - 25

    Nintendo DS (NDS) - 307

    NeoGeo Pocket - 9

    NeoGeo Pocket Color – 40

    Pokemon Mini - 22

    PSP (Sony) - 310!!!

    In submenu: PSP Minis (Sony) - 296 !!!

    SGB (Super Game Boy) - 25

    Supervision (Watari) - 44

    Wonderswan - 117

    Wonderswan Color - 100


    Amiga - 1,964

    Amstrad CPC - 211

    Apple II - 94

    Atari 800 - 348

    Atari ST - 305

    Commodore Vic-20 - 175

    Commodore 64 - 714

    Channel F - 30

    MS DOS - 102

    MSX - 635

    MSX2 - 100

    Tic-80 - 1,028

    Windows Games - 63 (awesome games here)

    X1 (Sharp) - 49

    X68000 (Sharp) - 100

    ZX Spektrum (Sinclair) - 182

    Tons of Custom Collections (described below):

    NES Classic Edition - 30 Games

    SNES Classic Edition - 21 Games

    Sega Genesis Mini - 42 Games

    Sega Genesis Mini - (Japan/Asia Exclusives)

    TurboGrafx-16 Mini

    Commodore 64 (C64) mini - 64 games

    Neo Geo Mini - 64

    Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro - 20

    Capcom Home Arcade Console - 16

    NES Picks

    SNES Picks

    Sega Genesis Picks

    PlayStation Top Hits

    Arcade1Up Games

    Dual-Stick Games

    Arcade Hacks

    Modern Fighters

    1st Person Shooters

    Arcade - Vertical Games

    Arcade (classic) Favorites

    Other ARCADE Collections include: Atari Classics; Banpresto; Capcom Play System I, II & III; Capcom; Cave; Data East; Konami; Midway; Namco; Nintendo; PGM; Psikyo; Sega; ShMUps; SNK; Taito; Toaplan; Visco; Williams.

    Other Collections include: Action, Adventure, Fighting, Kids, Platformers, Puzzle, Racing, RPGs,Bat Man; BeatUmUps; Castlevania; CrashBandicoot; Donkey Kong; Double Dragon; Dragon Ball; Fatal Fury; FinalFantasy; Ghouls n Ghosts; Kirby; Mario; Marvel; MegaMan; Metal Slug; Metroid; Mortal Kombat; Old School; OutRun; Pac-Man; Pinball; Racing; ResidentEvil; Robocop; ShMUps; Simpsons; Sonic; Sports; Star Wars; Street Fighter; Streets of Rage; Tekken; Terminator; TombRaider; TMNT; Zelda.

    (Video) Best Batocera Image Build Ever ! | 4TB SSD PC Build w/ Over 10,000 Games | Retro Gaming Guy


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